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Email us at                     Call us on 07939 517540


Occasionally we have a particular Special for a particular yacht, event or date that won't appear here. To see if there's any at the moment please click on "The Pladda Lighthouse"

It might be what you are looking for !

Have a Great 2023 Sail on Frolika

in June from Oban.

We have had a Cancellation on Frolika & this Offer  is now extended for charters ending by Saturday 10th June.

Take this opportunity to explore

the West Coast of Scotland with a

Special Discount of 20% for Charters ending by the end of the month. This offer is available for Kadore sailing from Crinan, and for Moonsong from Largs Yacht Haven.

Frolika 6-45_edited.jpg

Great Savings. Great Sailing !

KADORE NEW_edited.jpg


Drop us a line for availability on our boats !


Special Anchor
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