Covid-19 Update 25th June 2020. Information fro the Scottish Government & Sail Scotland.

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This update was from Alin Rankin on 09th July

Commercial Sailing

The First Minister, 9th July, confirmed a further relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions. The announcement did not make any material changes to the 2nd July announcement in terms of commercial operations at sea. Members with shore-side retail and catering activities will be working through relaxation steps in line with new guidelines.  

Safe Sailing Guidelines are published here

To assist members we summarise the key changes: (as outlined last week)

10th July Activities permitted:

Travel distance restrictions are relaxed, and travel is now permitted from more than 5 miles away from the embarkation port.

Commercial operators and leisure sailors can undertake day sailing and overnight sailing.

Vessels can anchor and use moorings during the day and overnight.

Vessels can make a day visit to a marina/harbour and can berth overnight as self-sufficient visitors.  

Crew must adhere to the instructions of the facility operator at all times and use shoreside facilities in line with government guidelines in force at the time. Skippers are advised to call ahead to their port or marina of choice to establish current status of facilities.

Bareboat charter for charters with one family unit is permittedTwo family units may also sail together (in the case of a skippered charter, the skipper counts as one family unit). All aboard should observe current social distancing guidelines as advised by the Government.

Above all #RespectTheDestination and adhere to the Safe Sailing Guidelines.

15th July Activities permitted: (unless amended by Scottish Government)

Charter boats may operate with number of crew on board

*** subject to levels of guidance regarding family units ***

See below

(in the case of a skippered charter, the skipper counts as one family unit).

Vessels can anchor during the day and overnight.  Crew may go ashore but must observe local restrictions and guidance at all times.Vessels can make a visit to a marina/harbour or berth overnight as visitors. Crew must adhere to the instructions of the facility operator and use shoreside facilities in line with government guidelines in force at the time.

Skippers are advised to call ahead to their port or marina of choice to establish current status of facilities.

Above all #Respect The Destination and adhere to the Safe Sailing Guidelines

  • *** Levels of guidance regarding family units ***

  • From the Scottish Goverment    Friday 10 July

  • Mandatory face coverings in shops and other retail Outdoors – a household can meet up to 4 other households at a time – up to 15 people in total.

  • Indoors – a household can meet up to 2 other households at a time – up to 8 people in total. This includes overnight stays.


  • A household can meet up to 4 other households per day in total.The limit on the number of other households you can meet per day (indoors or outdoors) does not apply to young people who are under 18.

Covid-19 Scotland.

updated   27th June 2020

Lockdown restrictions in Scotland were further eased following the government’s latest review on 18 June, with the country now in the second phase of its lockdown exit plan.

While a number of new measures came into effect from 19 June, the First Minister has set out further changes that will be enforced from July.

What rules are in place in phase 2?

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that Scotland will move into phase two of its easing of restrictions

To progress to phase two, the Scottish Government required the virus to be under control, with the R rate of infection consistently below one and a sustained decline in infectious cases.

Now that these criteria have been met, the government considered it safe to ease a number of restrictions.

However, some measures will still remain in place until July, with Ms Sturgeon stressing the country must still exercise “care and caution”.

Here are the changes are in place in Scotland, and the restrictions that will be eased from July:

Seeing family and friends

As of 19 June, people from one household can meet with people from up to two other households outdoors.

These two households can meet together or separately, and the rules state it does not always have to be the same households that meet. However, there should be no more than two households together at one time, and no more meetings than two per day. Groups should also not exceed more than eight people at one time.

Guidance now states that people can go inside another household to use the toilet, if necessary, if you are meeting in the garden of another household.

People who have been shielding are now allowed to go outside for exercise, and from Friday (19 June) are permitted to meet people from one other household, providing social distancing measures are adhered to and groups do not exceed eight people.

Extended household groups

From 19 June, anyone who lives on their own, or only with children under the age of 18, are allowed to form an ‘extended household group’ with one other household.

Within an extended household group, people will be able to meet indoors, without physical distancing and stay overnight, but only if they wish. However, they must continue to see any other households outdoors only, and stay more than two metres apart from them. Extended households must not include anyone who is shielding.

From 10 July, households could be allowed to meet more people outdoors, and extended households will be able to expand. People will also be permitted to meet indoors with others from more than two households.


From 3 July, the restriction on Scots travelling no more than five miles from their home for leisure and recreational purposes will be lifted.

However, Ms Sturgeon urged people not to travel unnecessarily, and to avoid travelling to crowded places.

Schools, childcare and other educational settings

On-campus university lab research will be able to restart subject to physical distancing.

However, schools are not expected to reopen to children until 11 August. Children will return to school under a blended model, which will combine part-time in school teaching, and part-time in home learning.

Work and business

The construction sector will be able to move to the next phase of its restart plan from 22 June, and dentists will be allowed to reopen, initially for urgent care.

From 29 June, some indoor workplaces that have so far remained closed in line with government guidance, such as factories, labs and warehouses, can start to reopen, with strict physical distancing and hygiene measures in place.

Optometry practices will reopen for emergency and essential services from 29 June.

However, non-essential offices and call centres should remain closed at this stage, and remote working should remain the default position for those who can.

Shopping, eating out and drinking

From 29 June, outdoor markets will be able to reopen, along with all non-essential shops if they have outdoor entrances and exits.

However, indoor shopping centres will remain closed, except for access to essential shops, such as supermarkets and pharmacists.

As of 6 July, beer gardens and outdoor spaces in restaurants will be able to reopen.

This will be followed by non-essential shops in indoor shopping malls from 13 July, with physical distancing restrictions, and museums, libraries, galleries, cinemas, shopping centres, and indoor pubs and restaurants will be allowed to to reopen on 15 July, along with hairdressers.

Sport, culture and leisure activities

Professional sport can resume from 22 June, although due to strict public health restrictions still in place, this will only be permitted behind closed doors. Organised sports can start to take place again from 13 July.

Outdoor playgrounds and outdoor sports courts will be allowed to reopen from 29 June.

Outdoor businesses, such as zoos and garden attractions, can also reopen from 29 June, although initially people should not travel more than around five miles to visit them. Where places are ticketed, tickets should be bought in advance.

Restrictions on moving house will also be lifted on 29 June.

Gatherings and occasions

Places of worship will be permitted to reopen from 22 June, although this will be for individual prayer only, not communal gatherings.

Registration offices will reopen from 29 June, but only for essential business, and marriages and civil partnerships will be permitted, but only outdoors at this stage and with limited numbers.

The Scottish government will continue to hold a review of current restrictions every three weeks as a minimum, with the next review expected to take place on 9 July.

Any changes could then come into force “within days” of this date, providing the country continues to make progress in its handling of the virus outbreak.

Ms Sturgeon announced on Wednesday (24 June) that she hopes phase three will begin on 9 July, after the review, but she does not expect all of the phase three easing to happen at one time.


The following Government Announcements have been made for all people who live in UK.
You must stay at home apart from essential travel.
All Non-essential shops and community spaces are closed.

Marina and Moorings closure – a statement from Sail Scotland.
Further to the advice issued by the Scottish Government and the UK Government the board of Sail Scotland recommend member; sites, pontoons, moorings, retail and businesses close with immediate effect.

We are taking this advice from our Government and Sail Scotland. The spread of the Coronavirus is very serious. We must all play our part in beating this Virus. We will not be able to accept visitors with immediate effect.  This will be reviewed periodically, and you will be updated. Your Sailing Holiday with Sea Spray Yacht Charters is very important, and we will do our utmost to minimize the disappointment to you that this will be causing.

We advise anyone planning on chartering a yacht with us in 2020 or who has already booked to charter a yacht with us in 2020 to ensure that they have purchased appropriate travel insurance. We also advise that you check your travel insurance policy’s terms and conditions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure that you are adequately covered.

Under the Terms and Conditions for your Charter you must remember that you will forfeit your non-returnable Booking Fee if you Cancel your Booking. If this is what you intend to do we hope you are fully insured and will be able to recover your Charter Fees from your Insurer. We will ensure that whatever information is needed by your Insurer is forwarded to you.
We value your custom and will be absolutely delighted if you would like to postpone your sailing holiday until later on when the situation has improved. Please get in touch with us immediately if this is what you decide to do. We will issue an Agreement for the new dates. It will be
“first come first served” for available dates.

We are hoping that there are many of you who would like to transfer your booking to next year as well. We welcome you in 2021 and will endeavour to remain completely flexible and give you the dates you would like. Please note that you will not pay any extra costs for re-booking. As a token of our appreciation we will reduce your Charter Fees by 10% if you decide this is what you would like to do.

If the situation has not changed by the time it comes to your charter, and we cannot provide you with the yacht you have chartered, you will be fully refunded under the Terms & Conditions 2.1 and 2.2 of The Agreement.

Customers who are getting close to, or at the deadline for making Payment of the Balance for the Charter should contact us immediately. We will maintain a flexible approach and advice you accordingly. It is our intention to defer payment of the Balance for your Charter until you can be sure of your visit.
Customers are also advised to regularly check government travel restrictions & advisories both here and where you live.

SeaSpray Yacht Charters has standard terms and conditions that apply to all Bookings. These can be viewed on the Agreement and on the Website.
For reference: In the UK, the following information has been released by the UK Government in response to the Coronavirus.

UK Government Advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We wish you, your families, and your fellow crew members all the best.
Stay well, wherever you are.

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