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Sea Spray Yacht Charters Ltd

Largs Yacht Haven

Registered in Scotland

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Notes on Changeover days. Bare boat  Charter Times, Handovers and Handbacks.

The normal handover times for weekly charters for our yachts are Saturday at 2pm with a handback at 10am on the next  Saturday.

Yachts should ideally be back in their berth at Largs on the previous evening then refuelled and cleaned; and ready for the handback no later than 10.00 hours on the changeover day. Variations to these times may be possible  for example where weekend charters may be available. Crews can expect a comprehensive handover on the boat that normally will last about an hour. If you are new to the area we are quite happy to brief you on some of the best places to include in your itinery. The handback will normally not last more than a few minutes so you can get away quite promptly. However we do request that you keep a note of any malfunctioning items & breakages so that we can attend to them immediately.

Cleaning & Refuelling

Cleaning.  We expect you to return the yacht to us in as clean and tidy a condition as you found it at the start of your charter. If you prefer not to thoroughly clean it at the end of your charter (in which case you should please inform us of this before you depart) then we will arrange for the yacht to be cleaned on its return and deduct the cost of that from your security deposit.

Refuelling. Unless otherwise agreed between us we will hand over the yacht to you with a full fuel tank, and expect you to refill the fuel tank at your expense, on your return to Largs. If you prefer not to do this then we will have the boat re-fuelled and deduct the cost of fuel from your security deposit, together with a £40 boat handling charge (this handling charge will not be applied where exceptional circumstances or difficult weather conditions have prevented you from refuelling the yacht.) 

Extras included with the charter price.

Free berthing at Largs Yacht Haven for the duration of the charter, is included in the charter price for each yacht.
Each yacht will be provided with at least one full cooking gas container at the start of your charter - there is no charge to refill empty cooking gas containers at the end of your charter.
When chartering away from our home base you will be responsible for the Marina Fees you incur during your charter.       

Handover Information